Construction Services and Management

ASIDACO assembles project teams with extensive experience in the areas of planning, design, bidding, construction, and closeout for small commercial projects. Implementing our construction management services starts with a phone call. By using ASIDACO we are ensuring that all of our team members have the necessary qualifications, experience, and training to meet and exceed general construction requirements—providing construction management and construction staff that best matches the scope of your project.

ASIDACO will help guide you (the owner) and supply services as needed for smaller commercial projects.

What is Construction Management?

Construction management is a professional service that provides a project’s owner(s) with effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope, and function. Construction management is compatible with all project delivery methods. No matter the setting, a Construction Manager’s (CMs) responsibility is to the owner and to a successful project.

At its core, a capital project is made up of three parties (excluding the CM):
The owner, who commissions the project and either funds the project directly or finances it through a variety of methods.

The architect/engineer, who designs the project.

The general contractor, who oversees day-to-day operations and manages subcontractors.

The CM represents the owner’s interest and provides oversight over the entire project directly for the owner. His/her mandate is to work with all parties to deliver the project on time, at or under budget, and to the owner’s expected standard of quality, scope, and function.

CMs work with the owner, architect, general contractor, and other stakeholders to determine the best possible sequence of construction operations and develop a detailed schedule and budget, while also establishing plans for project safety and security and helping the owner manage risk. This requires using project management information systems (PMISs) and complex planning techniques, like critical path method, as well as knowledge of construction methods.

ASIDACO Construction Management Activities

Review of Contract Documents
Coordination Meetings with Stakeholders
Bid Review and Award
Pre-Construction Meetings
Submittal Processing
Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)
Request for Information (RFI) Management
Material Inspection
Material Testing
Pre-Activity Meetings
Daily Inspection & Reporting
Weekly Progress Meetings
Change Management
Schedule Management
Progress Payments & Certified Payrolls
Punch List
Commissioning Services
Project Closeout

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