ASIDACO was legally registered on September 24 2008. ASIDACO llc is a nationally recognized company headquartered in Dayton Ohio has operations in Massachusetts and California. Based on ideas, meetings and accomplishments started in 2004. The founder is passionate about Alternative ways to produce energy, principles in science, design, and construction, and the progression of these forward in industry. Her passion for technology, humanity, and social well-being has been a prime motivation to found ASIDACO. The business has been founded with intent to perform at the highest integrity and levels in order to achieve the completion of projects that serve the end user successfully. Andrea Bashaw has founded ASIDACO with the vision of achieving success as a leader in the energy and sustainable community services arena. The business plan encompasses technological design, manufacturing, construction, and system operations with a focus on energy production, distribution, and integration services.

Presently ASIDACO acts as an ‘Owners Representative’ consultant for project development. We are a visionary and knowledge-based venture, incorporating a broad spectrum of expertise aimed toward workable and sustainable energy and design solutions for both client and environment.

Our Founder

Andrea Bashaw, the founder of ASIDACO is passionate about alternative ways to produce energy, principles in science, design, and construction, and the progression of these in industry. This passion for technology, humanity, and social well-being has been a prime motivation for founding ASIDACO, LLC. She understands the importance of focusing on problems one step at a time in order to solve them. She is highly skilled at managing people, electrical problem assessment, design, development, construction, and commissioning of electrical and energy projects.

During her tenure at ASIDACO, she has directed the engineering efforts for the design and construction control of several large solar energy projects and their integration to the electrical grid as well as standard electrical construction projects. She has given presentations concerning the need for power quality and voltage control as it relates to renewable energy and connection of it to the utility grid or on a local buildings distribution system while leading day to day operations of the facility. Andrea entered the ASIDACO team and one of her product designs into the prestigious ‘MASS Challenge’, known around the world as a contest for growing companies and new innovative products. Although ASIDACO scored high in several areas with very positive comments from the judges the company did not win the competition. Despite this, Andrea has continued to progress product ideas and project designs forward toward eventual successful outcomes.

Prior to launching ASIDACO, Andrea spent five years as an Electrical Design and Commissioning Engineer with Sebesta Blomberg (acquired since then by ‘N/V/5’), a globally recognized provider of full-service engineering and design services. During her tenure she led or participated in the electrical design development of multiple large -scale construction, energy projects, and electrical equipment facility assessments while providing in-depth electrical project commissioning expertise for several projects across New England. Her project history while at this company included design and construction of utility infrastructures and substations, medium voltage distribution, electrical distribution in high rise buildings and hospitals, commissioning and energy studies of ‘Solar PV’ and ‘Wind Turbine’. She gained a reputation for her integrity and exceeding expected results.

Her first accomplishment in her professional career was development of a facility that incorporated sustainable design initiatives. This project included development of a small distributed power plant while at the same time utilizing and rebuilding voltage stabilization components for that system at the facility.

She managed the facility’s operation and maintenance for 16 years post-construction.

Andrea started her electrical career straight out of high school by enrolling in night school toward an electrical engineering technology degree while working full time during the day in the construction industry and eventually electrical construction.

Andrea deployed her services and electrical capabilities while serving in the electrical industry as an IBEW member with the classification of an ‘Inside Wireman’ journeyperson, and still carries that membership today.