Vacuum Pump Power Supply Repair Services

ASIDACO services vacuum pump power supplies for different manufacturers such as Adixen, Busch Edwards, Gast, Kinney, Leybold, Oerlikon, Pfeiffer, Varian, and Welch to name a few. We work on several types of pumps such as Blowers Diaphragms, Pistons, Rotary vanes, Scrolls, Screws, and Turbo pumps reaching ultimate pressures of 1×10-9 torr. Most come with our 12-month warranty.

We repair the power supply of many different types of vacuum pumps and manufacturing:

• Claw Pumps
• Airtech
• Diaphragm Pumps.
• Anest Iwata
• ADIXEN /Alcatel
• Edwards Vaccum
• Airtech
• Gast
• Anest Iwata
• KNF Neuberger
• Edwards Vacuum
• Kinne
• Molecular Pump
• VaccuBrand
• Roots Blower Pumps.
• Varian
• Scroll Pump
• Welch
• Turbo Vacuum Pumps.
• Ion Pump
• Turbo Molecular Pumps
• Pfeiffer

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